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Linda Lee is a young performer that has been singing all her life. Over the last seven years she has performed in various venues in Central Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee & Ohio from clubs to festivals and fairs. This year we have returned to many of the Indiana Fairs and Festivals we performed last year plus many new venues.

Linda Lee has been gifted with a unique song styling ability that redefines the norms. She will seduce you with a soft, soaring refrain of love discovered, delivered with a voice described as crystalline, even angelic. Or she can tug at your very heart and soul with a ballad of love gone awry in a mellow, almost haunting mood. But when she turns on the attitude, she can steam roll you with a hard-driving, fast moving zinger that will have your foot tapping and your pulse pounding. No matter the message, each and every one of her songs is delivered with equal sincerity, a sincerity that can only come from an artist in love with both her music and her audience.